Friday, 29 January 2010

An old Footy gif

Whilst trawling through some old files in my documents folder I came across a directory which contained a couple of old animated GIF's created for past projects. Sadly both projects never saw the light of day but it's always nice to see work files one more time before they get filed away for another couple of years in darkness.

The first was created for a mobile phone game about fishing called 'Footy'. ;)

As you can see it's nothing to do with fishing!

Actually this was really starting to look good it was just a shame the phone hardware at the time was dog slow and just couldn't handle the sprites , scrolling and ball at the same time!!!

I'll probably add a section about this game to the new Hobeka site when I get round to updating it.

I especially like the skating players!


  1. That looks like a definite iPhone port I'd completely forgotten about the soccer!


  2. I'd forgotten about it too until recently. I agree and with the world cup looming.. hmmmmm... :)


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