Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Box Droid Concept Prototype 001 Sketch

Late 2006 I started designing the sprites for Blobbit Push  and one of the characters I came up with was a small droid known as a Box Droid which later became a series of droids all based around the same box like design.

With the new game in development and the totally separate but loosely linked book on the back burner I wanted to create some proper art for the Blobbit characters. There are various reasons for doing this but the main reason unquestionably is I just want to see these characters visualised how I imagine them rather than as 48x48 pixel sprites. Of course having proper images also helps to create 3D versions and will also do wonders for marketing the game(s) later on.
Anyway here's the initial pencil sketch I did of the Prototype Box Droid with which all other Box Droids were based upon. I suppose you could say this one pre-dates the sprite version seen in the games. Initially drawn on Saturday afternoon over a cup of tea or two, proceeded by the finished illustrated version Monday. Cheers me dears! -Stoo-
Design & Images (C) Copyright Stoo Cambridge 2006,2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

Is there anybody out there?

I was just thinking as I look into my Blobbit stars, 'is there anybody out there?'  Then it dawned on me, what I need is some space junk and some stuff to plonk in the background.

Background - check
Twinkle stars - check
Big Moon - check
Stuff - Yes 

That's that then.

Do I use the 2D illustrations mapped to quads or do I recreate the drawings in 3D with the drawings mapped onto the newly created objects?  Hmmmmm.... Maybe a mixture of both I think.

Ramble, ramble, mumble, mumble...

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